Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Face thingies

I've been doin alot of painting and had alot of paint on my palette that would have gone to waste. So I did afew quick paintings on some leftover scraps of cardboard.

Sketchbook pages

These are just some doodles I did on the train and in various other places.

Final self portrait

Once I'd finished all 30 I had to create one big portrait.

Self portraits 26-30

Markers, tipex and water on shiney yellow surface.
Markers on tracing paper
Fingerprints and markers
Finger painting on cardboard.


Wet on wet watercolour
Second attempt at collage.
Playing with ink and drip effects.

Finger painting on the back of a don't panic pack

I'm not really that sure what this is painted on, its like a rubber plate/stamp with cooking information for m&s pork. Painted with a knife and markers.
The colour's not come out great, but this is oil pastels, watercolour and felt pens.

Watercolour on the thinnest lined paper ever.

Watercolour, chalk and charcoal

A technique inspired by decalcomania, thick paint spread on paper then pressed against another piece of paper to transfer the pattern.

Collage but with 3d materials. Probably my least favourite.

Self portraits 6-15

Mud and abit of watercolour
Paint pens on a sheet of plastic material
I was experimenting with folding, sandpaper and watercolour
Ink dripped and tipex
A sort of pointillist technique
I wanted to do a caricature from the start. I think I could have done better with the expression.
Two pens

Self portraits 1-5

For part of the 'drawing for life' module I had to draw 30 self portraits in different media and materials. So here's the first 5:
I just used sticks and watercolour to paint this.
Watercolour again, but instead of using paint to create lines, I carved into the paper.
Playing around with the transparency and layering aspects of watercolour
An attempt at crosshatching.
One line drawing

Monday, 2 February 2009