Monday, 15 March 2010

Mini Hitchhikers

We had lot of balloons left over from the party so I drew a face on a few, gave them names and let them loose with my email on the back, in hope that someone would find them and send me a photo.

Later on that day I got an email with the above photo showing Fred (one of the balloons) an hour into his journey. He hadn't travelled very far. No more images have been sent since this sighting.

Metalhead is another mini hitcher I've let loose today. I left him in the park to fend for himself, he's got a chunk of metal for a brain so I figured he be fine. He's been picked up but still havn't had any images yet. If someone has picked him up and stumbled across this site, please find him another place to put him and send us a photo.

This is another hitcher called Treeface, for obvious reasons. He's goin to be released at a train station, to see if he could actually make it out of bristol. Theres a good chance someone'll pick him up on their way into bristol though, but its all good.
This gangly ill lookin creature's fin, the last of the mini hitchers (so far). After this photo I made him a ductape hat to keep his head dry. He was released in a park in clifton. He's also vanished, maybe cleared away into a bin, or maybe someones took him home. I dunno, still havn't had an update on his status. I'll probably make more and rethink them alittle, maybe send one out to sea, or attatched to a helium balloon, send one on a rocket or somethin, I dunno.

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